Create event-driven and serverless microservices in your kubernetes environment. Unlock cloud native potential for application development.

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About Us

Airspot design, build and deploy cloud native applications based on microservices architecture taking all the advantages of containerization. We build reactive, resilient, serverless and event-driven applications. We put open source technologies first to be infrastructure-agnostic. We are Pythonic to be close to data-driven applications and machine learning (but also because we ❤ Python).

Our goal is to lead our customers to make the most of cloud native application development.

Our approach is to provide guidance, help and support in the transition to a cloud native application ecosystem.

Smart city,smart factory,IoT

Our Tech Stack

The choice of the technology stack can vary from project to project and it is based on specific needs, priorities and characteristics of the application. However our work includes as a base stack Kubernetes and Knative. Furthermore, whenever it proves to be an added value, we include our framework KRules.

Our Tech


KRules is a framework for application development, based on Knative and operating in Kubernetes. It is released under Apache 2.0 License. KRules facilitates and speeds up the development of serverless and event-driven microservices.

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What we offer

LightHouse Case development: Airspot develops small use cases or PoC based on R&D activities involving your team in the design and workflow. The goal is to start a cloud native journey and get the most out of Kubernetes and Knative.

Training and consultancy: Airspot trains and supports your team in adopting microservices architecture and event-driven paradigm. The goal is to make your team independent in building your cloud native applications ecosystem.

Green Field and Brown Field development: Airspot can work at the core for new software development but also Airspot perfectly works in a peripheral way for new features development, integrations with pre-existing applications and platforms, cloudification of legacy software. The goal is responding to business needs with cloud native development.

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Smart city,smart factory,IoT

Use Cases

Typical use case scenarios where organizations can reach the maximum benefit from our support involve microservices architecture and asynchronous logic.

Multi-cloud and Integrations

Being infrastructure agnostic and capable of creating peripheral logic we work effectively with legacy software, third party SaaS and third party PaaS, on-prem Kubernetes, edge lightweight Kubernetes distro.

IoT and large number of devices

Being event driven we work effectively in massive data driven scenarios such as Smart Cities, IoT devices fleet management, interactive mobile and web applications.

Critical real time events and complex workflows

Being resilient and reactive we work effectively in real time scenarios such as Smart Mobility; Smart Factory; Fintech; Security.

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